Brahmana;Plight as the duty of higher kind

List of contents:
The feet of the Sages
The path to Brahman
Reality and Creation
The purpose of life
The hands of Brahman
The right of Karma
Religious devotion
Kingdom of Brahma
Grace of the upanishads
Proof of existence
Surrender to Krishna Govinda
Idol Statues
Platonic relationship
Hindu prayers as example
Param Atman Supreme Soul
Threefold Yoga
The mountain to be climbed
Selection of Gayatri mantra's
Shepherd Krishna Govinda
Tri Shakti
Body instrument
Codex Brahmana
The vedda tribes
Brahmacari studentship
Brahman reveals
Tree of Creation
Godly Names
Honoring the Ancestors
Hindu grace and mercy
Divine Essence
Types of Self-Sacrifice
Life of devotion
Flags of hindu mythology
The cakra system
Hindu mercy of all gods
Holy Reality
Sanyasin Orders of Brahman
Entrance to the mercy of prosperity
Saguna Brahman and Nirguna Brahman
Attaining the mercy
Godess Uma and her power

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Quest for Brahman

As the quest to be a Brahmana leads across
thousands of lives, situations,
and times without free choice.

As the quest to be a Brahmana concludes
with the surrendering to the highest abode.

As the quest for Brahman,
is to learn surrendering
to his feet.

As Brahman is both personal
and impersonal.

As the quest for Brahmana
is the sole goal for the thousands
of lives.

Each man, or woman chooses
the guidance and quest to endorse.

As the quest for the highest
is both to be free in the feeling
of happiness and to be of avail to society.
and to be restricted by the power
of the godhead to search and seek for.

The body of Brahman the highest
to conceive, and to be knowing of.

As each person chooses the level
of understanding and the level
of both plight and duty.

As Christians choose christ
for he has been man, and understands
their feelings.

As hindu's choose Krsna for
being the shepherd and guidance
to be free in happiness by
the bond of restricting and
giving rules for living.

As the hindu's choose the
All-Creator to seek the bond
with the living source of being.

As the quest for Brahman,
each step being honest for
the sake of Brahman himself.

The direct surrender to his feet,
being the proof of the path
being walked on. for all can see
the bond of every man and woman.

The quest for Brahman,
as the All-Creator being
a soul creating each moment
for all living beings
as all moments come forth from
his wish to create.

And above the highest god,
the All-Creator or Brahman
does Brahman exist.
As he does not create
for he is not a god.
But everything comes into existence,
not by an act or deed but
by the proof of visibility.

As all beings choose their master,
guidance, or lord,
and are part of the body made by
the godhead.

The choice for Brahman is to be
part of both personal Brahman
to be prayed to, as well impersonal
believing in the nonvisible name and form
as the Living supreme reality
holding all form, all name,
yet trancending it.

May the quest for Brahman lead
thousands and millions of beings.

May the quest for Brahman
give the happiness of a life fulfilled.
As the meaning of life is afterwards
by the vision of all good deeds, prayers
and the attention of the everlasting moment.

The insight of Brahman

learning at the feet of the sages

In early youth one plants the seed of
being among the holy ones.

As even the reading of a wise text,
as the author of the old language
can give their intention a new glance.

By learning and giving attention
to a religion made of many wise
persons, texts and lifetasks.

As the youth is the ground
of learning and discovering
the subject of the main
interest for life.

As Brahman, gives many
living beings the right
to endorse on the path of devotion

Many recite daily holy mantra's
reads wise books, to just
get a view on the gods and godesses.

As each god has a holy name,
and grants their mercy on
those who follow him or her.

As all the god both promise
a life of worth to society
and the protection of their
high abode.

As the ultimate is named Brahman,
and by His name, as only a pointer
of direction, can grant his nearness
to all beings longing to get
unity with Him.

As the prayers to Brahman
give their close insights
in who this high reality is.

As the first step is to
learn that Brahman is not
to be grasped by the mind,
therefore not to be thought off.

As the second step he is
without name and form,
thus how to adress him,
and how to picture
his existence.

as the third step,
he Creates all the gods,
but not by the action of creation
but out of the impersonal essence.
As the originination without a personal action

As Brahma the god giving Creation
is the highes god with an identity
or personal existence.
And above Brahma only is known
by revelation.

Brahman who shares his knowledge
not by thinking, not by relations
of thoughts in any way.

As Brahman is searched for
and in prayer for education
about his holiness.

As by Prayer one gets
the glance on the wisdom
of this God or even above
the ultimate reality.

As the All-Creator can be a name of Narayana too

The path to Brahman

Path of Prayer

As Brahman is the goal of all devoted adepts,
as some search for him being Krishna
some search for Vishnu
some for Brahma

Or some search in other religions
for the personal mercy of a godhead.

As the mercy of a godhead
grants the safety, the lifetask
and the use of prayer
to daily converse with
a source of high intelligence.

As part of reality is without
the personal act of prayer
but regarding reality as
being nonpersonal a kind of matter.

As part of reality has a
personal bond by birth, youth
or by meeting with a godhead.

As all devoted adepts
say their godhead is highest.
As their godhead has the
bond with the divine essence.

As the action of surrender
give the unity with a godhead
and grants the act of prayer
to have a personal relationship.

As all godheads have the bond
with the divine essence being
Brahman, without form and name.

Longing to be part of this
divine essence is the goal
for many adepts as its without
name, without form.
but adding to existence
in a matter of eternal devotion.

As the path to Brahman is
by the grace and mercy of a guru or

As the path to Brahman,
is described in books and scriptures.

As the path to Brahman,
personally is expounded in
the Svetasvatara Upanishad.

As this scripture is about
the realization of Brahman
as expounded to the highest order
of Sanyasins by the sage.

Sage Svetasvatara,
who reached Brahman himself.

as this link to a document
with the english and sanskrit
as well.

As by studying education is
to grow in insight and devotion.

Svetasvatara Upanishad

As the mantra in english to
address the higher principle.

Brahman Your will be done.
Brahman Uw wil geschiedde
As to repeat as a centering prayer

The Reality and Creation

Creating by God Brahma

The divine essence being Brahman
is the impersonal, not personal entity
originating all realite.

As reality holds all universes,
dimensions, time lines
as well the beyond.

As this divine essence originates
the whole of reality.

Brahma, the Creator of all living
and nonliving beings.

The Creator giving each moment
life to all living with their
level of insight in reality
their insight in time, their wishes
and their feeling of happiness, suffer or
pain in any way.

As the Creator giving every moment
the visibility of existence,
is one character difference
with Brahman the ulitmate reality.

The supreme reality
holding all reality,
and the highest god
filling reality with life and living.

The divine essence holds
all realities within,
and the All-Creator making
and building all beings and existence

The one character difference
is a precise linguistic meaning.

As all living beings
with life, are devoted to
one of the gods, and one of the ideals.

I one longs for Brahman,
Brahman will be reached
as the All-Creator holds
all life, and the gods are
within the Creation but
with the bond to Brahman.

Brahman the purpose of life

The unnamed quest

One reaches the abode of Brahman
as He is the Supreme reality.

One reaches the abode of Brahman
as to be a loyal servant.

One reaches the abode of Brahman
to become one with reality.

One reaches the abode of Brahman
by sincere prayer, meditation and good deeds.

One reaches the abode of Brahman
to become one with his divine essence.

For all gods have attained the
abode of Brahman.

For all incarnations serve
as bound by the godheads mercy.

As discarding the mind
and accepting the place
in this world.
One steps on the path.

Brahman, is to be reached
by insight. as by source or prayer.

Brahman is to be reached
by the unity with reality
the everlasting moment

is the unnamed purpose
of all seekers.

is the goal
of the wise and good ones.

As every one jumps in the
water to learn swimming
each life after life.
As he is to be reached.

The hands of Brahman

As the mercy of all times

We all know the religions on the world
serve a goal to give meaning to life.

As some endorse in daily prayer
as some do service by rituals or
by a work or lifetask.

The religions give a bond
with a higher godhead
and give way to all kinds
of uncommon events.

As life is filled with
happiness, suffering,
hardship and good feelings
sometimes the need for a change
or a higher purpose
opens the path of religion.

As in india we have hinduism,
as in jewish and western
we have christianity.

As in japan and china we have
the tradition of the forefathers

As one reaches the abode of the
godhead or lord by prayer
as the bond gets closer
and the prayer of surrender
give the path in the hands
of the Godhead or Lord.

Brahman as the godhead
or supreme power without
name and form.

Yet all god in contact
with this divine essence
use a word or name to have
the bond close to them.

As one reaches the prayer
of surrender, one is gifted
with the personal bond
with this divine essence.

As one surrenders to a Godhead
there is no good or evil
no egotism or selfish wishes.
and one is been given to
that godhead.

As all godheads named in religions
are with this divine essence.
They have the right to
give mercy to all adepts.

As Jesus Christ has this bond
with the divine essence.
As all hindu gods have bond
with this divine essence.

As one reaches the abode
of the supreme reality
the way choosen to reach this
abode is not very important.

As one in life for a change of
heart is with many causes,
one cannot say, this or that
alone is the source or cause
of it.

reaching the abode of a godhead
is to be with respect
as no one can say this way
is the sole cause of it.
As every religion says
god's way's are inapprehensible.

As one reaches the abode,
the life is in service.
the life is in prayer.

The right of Karma

The law on reality

The question why in life so many suffer,
or have hardship when thoughts on equal
providing would give acces to all basic needs.

As the question about karma arises when
happiness or enjoyment fails in life.

One has karma to reach arespected position
others have karma to win lottery.
And others as well fail in life
and live of the remnants of others.
as food taken from the trash bin.

As on earht we have human bodies
capable of intelligent action.

And all on earth first have education
from primary, secondary to highschool
as well university.

As one is born on earth,
by the time one grows to
adult and a job or task for life.

As on earth some have insurances,
others have goverment-allowance
and poor regions die without
medical care or money payments.

As karma dictates the happiness
and suffering of a ll living beings

to think of the universe,
our human race is in our hands
being either succesfull or failing in life
and no one knows what future would be.

As the question about gods, powers and
all the angels saints and devoted people.

In the universe is full knowledge about
making life to hapiness, peace and devotion.

In the universe is full knowledge about
education to be fullfilling and to be
a life task with full peace.

In the universe is full knowledge to
heal any ailments and diseases.

In the universe some species
live for thousands of years
without any blemish and stain.

As our karma would progress
by the act of good deeds,
ohmlontrophy and devotion
we would earn a life in a
higher region of the universe.

As karma dictates the future.
And by growing life, and purpose,
one is granted a better place of birth

In the same manner as a birth in a good
rich country is better than a poor
region in south america or africa

As a birth in a better place can
give the right of peace and contentment
by the act of education, and full
insurances and perfect healthcare
by the act of light-rainbow-healing.

The question is not, does better
technology exist, but when it has
a place in the universe. how to
obtain a better birth.

As this idea is about re-incarnation.
and the use of being blessed by
the level of goodness one holds.
being of compassion, virtue, prayer
and service.

Religious devotion

Surrendering life to a godhead

All religions have their right for
using an adept, or instrument
to create the work at hand.

In christianity,
Vondel and rembrandt
as well Mozart were examples.
They acted above normal
levels of education as
both art and, music as well
language were not thay high
soohmsticate in that time.

As in hinduism we see the same
as an old sage Brighu designed
for thousands of people an
astrogical prediction that
will last for thousands of years

As well the holy books and scriptures
of all religions still being very
important and by their followers
being read and attended daily.

As the right for prayer
to a godhead described in holy books
is still being heared by the godheads
making the mercy a life one.

As in all religions, angels fullfill
the work of their gods without the act
of being endowed with choice or
the act of reason to ponder and think
all decisions.

As in all religions the act of
holy people have their daily
aproach by work and prayer
to be in work and service
to the gods.

As some books of religious people
is about being to surrender to
a godhead.

As to surrender is a prayer
and gods when hearing can
give these persons
a good place in both society
and their religion.

These people who surrendered
have less freedom but more
of the grace of the gods.

Some even wrote about having
surrendered and being saved
from a horrific situation,
being saved and put to safety.

As after surrenderin
they find their paths
to a stable position
in society and life.

As by surrendering
their continual choices
were being led to a position
with the light of reason.

Some say surrendering
gives the mercy of angels.

Others say surrendering
gives the light of the god
in the soul.

Some say surrendering
gives the bridals to
the gods making goodness
a certainity.

some say surrendering
will after life give
the mark of being a saint
in the regularly way of
their religion.

The kingdom of Brahma

Brahma and its Creation

We all live on earth in a country or nation,
and are part of local and regional society.

As culture binds all in a region, as its
sometimes depending on language, human form
or the use of materials, information, insight
or the use of wishes to gather.

As we live in a country or nation with
a name, and a symbol.

As from ancient times, the city of
Brahma, named as the country India
in current days.

This Brahma was the Creator
which gave birth to the universe
and gave all beings the inborn wish
to get happy, peacefull and wealthy.

This Brahma with his form bigger
and larger than an eye can see
and an ear can hear.

This Brahma originally as he
Created everything was the name
of the nation too as it was
the only nation on earth in ancient times

Brahma as the godhead and the ruler
of reality as he brought forth all living
was the king or the name of the country too.

As the symbol of the kingdom of Brahma
is in this article.

As soon as people got their own
free will and diverted from this source
they received many names as the proverb
of the nation of babylon who began
speaking all a different language.

As the kingdom of Brahma,
how small or big will always by source
exist as a country or nation on earth.

As the kingdom of Brahma,
is the origin of all human life
as even Hanuman as the king of mankind
was being a nation, language and flag.

By this symbol on image one sees
the flag of India or hindustan
as it has been called.

As Bharata-Varsha was the name it
was given, as one can say that
Bharate with two different explanations
one that the oldest name and country were Bharata
the other that Bharata was a sage of old times
being very wise, as sometimes countries,
cities and towns are called a name of a important person.

As the term below the symbol,
in english only truth triumphs.
a rephrasing that wisdom or knowledge
gives a good outcome.

Grace of Upanishads

Adressing the saints of all times

As the source of hindu insights are the full veda's
and the use of wisdom to inquiry the realisation of it.

As the veda's contain the upanishads which
explain and expound a wisdom, or insight
of human life and soul.

As the upanishads were written by
the sages of some on earth
and supposed some in space.

As some hindu gods realisticly
seen cannot have lived on earth.

As the sages some have an insight
very difficult for its describes
supernatural life.

The upanishads understood by
contemplating their texts.

As the upanishad were written
in sanskrit they have been translated
many times as to be read in
native language of most people.

For having upanishad in sanskrit
gives the grave of the writers
and authors.

As we see in christian faith
a saint still gives it blessing
even when lived thousands of years ago.

This can be in hindu mythology too
as to see the old sages as still
being available for giving grace.

In that light is seen that
recitating or putting sanskrit
version in home or temple
still gives its effort by
the grace of the sages.

As to print an upanishad
in sanskrit and using it as art
gives the continuous grace
of the author being the sage
describing an insight or devotion.

For to use the upanishad for getting grace
of the sage can give non-predictive
religious insights like the author
described and in its prolongation.

Proof of existence

The proof of Good and Bad

As life for all the people who live is like
having a day after day, and a year after year.

As no one knows when to die, or when both accidents
or happy moments occur.

As for choosing a life mate is depending on
the one to be found, wherever one goes.
As for having an accident is not predictable
if one lives clean, without to much alcohol
behind the wheel.

As both happiness and suffer occur
in a life not always on moments to be seen.

As life for men and women are always
in the right order. from birth
to adult, the working life
and the last days in either a statehome
or at home with children and grand-children.

As everyone shares life with most of
the things everyone have.
like education, like work, like friendship
like children.

As on earth we find some religions,
some traditions and culture
During life one can choose what to follow
or attend.

Evil people share the work in the
underworld, and the places violating
reasonable law.

And Good people share the use
of giving effort to society
to either improve or to discover
sciences to support civilisation
and science to a level of wealth
and prosperiy.

As life is for most humans a
daily purpose, daily quarrel,
daily effort.

As on earth all people are
bound to their willpower
being on good or bad side.

As life is not predictable
all life shows in living
the purpose it grows to.

At death for all people its
certain, as we say hell or heaven.
As willpower on earth showed
their intents. either good or bad.

As life is not predictable
all people are driven to their
own intents and their own

As they say,
life is the test to proof
lá reason de existence.

After life no one has the argument
that they wanted to either be good
or evil, as all have had the chance
to endorse their feelings, wishes
and goal.

As on earth all culture and religion
are grounded in society, all have
the direction they like.

As all the people on earth
share existence, some in good countries
other in poor regions. All share
the suffering or happiness in all
places of earth and reality.

As some suffer more, other suffer less.
its the lord or the gods who decide.

Therefore during life trying to get
at the good side, and even with best
intents. for life in a next one
might have less options to cope with.

As they say,
either angel or saint. or the loss
of a treasury of karma.

As they say,
At the good side, one
walks in the light
have food, drink and happiness..

As they say,
at the evil side, one
hurts others, and only
have egotism as their guide.

For a society is built on
all the ones cooperating.
bound by both work and law.

For a society is built
on waelth and health
granting all the safe refuge
of a home with friends and children
and the abilty to work and spend
on the joy of living.

As one has no prediction of
what life consists
all personal interests
during life get clear.

As after life the Lord or the gods
know at which side one has been.
The proof on intents

Surrender to Krishna Govinda

The ultimate abode

Sometimes one asks what source is best in life
and when looking at religion which one to attend.

As Hinduism has the godhead of Krishna,
who accepts a token of love from all who wish for.

As Krishna named the highest godhead as
he was human and had a life.

As Krishna is the god accepting love
and who grants mercy without having to pay for it.

As this Krishna, among all rituals
and all stories in many books.

With the main book of the Bagvad gita,
which describes a story with Krishna
explaining his appearance.

The sacred man with blue blood,
with a flute whistling for mercy
of all those who suffer.

The highest prayer to bring is
to whisper to surrender to Him.

As this prayer in Hinduism,
is a signal of true love.
as one accepts Him by surrender.

As he accepts devotees by their
prayer of surrender, he grants
them a special life with grace
of many precious rewards.

He reforms their lives,
and even they receive the respect
of their surrounding.

As Krishna Govinda receives their
surrender, they get a life full of grace.
and even their own wishes and feelings
of thirst are being fulfilled
by His intelligence.

As surrendering to Krishna is allowed
for all folowing Him,
and those who studied the books
which describe Him as godhead.

As the surrender to Govinda is
being described in the Vasudeva Upanishad.
Link to Upanishad

AS the surrender of Arjuna to Krishna or Govinda
is being expounded and told in this Pandava Gita

As to proof that surrendering to Krishna is
a small prayer to be whispered
Pandava Gita

The additional insight of the bagvad gita
when people want to surrender and
adress to Krishna they are accepted as a
token of love and in the personal
kingdom of Krishna.

They say when sacrificing in manners
of speech, as the breath inward to outward
and other means, the explanation is
that even when people surrender
without naming Krishna he as the
highest person accepts them.

As the theory when one surrenders
the highest one takes them over
as he is the mightiest
and with the spiritual law
that nothing may be lost.

as all people being in goodness
in small or big manner
are being protected
and when loosing their
own by sacrifice or surrender
by whichever reason including hardship
the surrender or prayer of sacrifice
is heard by Krishna,
as he is the highest one named in

As the joke a student
asked his fellow student to surrender.
without a name called, and not meaning
Himself, the other one did.
the question if Krishna would have
accepted His surrender.

As would Krishna hear all people
in prayer surrendering.
when in hardship for example.
and even when not with his name
he would accept it.

As this surrender would be
the religious safety net
for all souls.
when not anymore able
saving themselves.

ofcourse people out
of love adressing Krishna
are good also

Idol Statues

Mercy and Grace

As all religions have their rituals
and their methods to show devotion.

As some religions have the use of
being consecrated or initiated.

As some religions grant their mercy
and others have to work for.

The christian doctrine to have
the cross in your home,
and to read the bibly regularly.

As the Hindu doctrine
to have a statue of one of the gods
or goddesses. and to have a mantra
to repeat daily.

The hindu doctrin to have
the mercy of a god by having
as devotion in your home.

As in hinduism the mercy
of the gods and goddesses
also available to visit
a temple in the near.

To have the mercy of a god
or goddess can change a life
witih suffer, pain, or negligence
to a life full of grace.

The christian first step
to buy a cross and use it as art

The hindu first step is
to be initiated in the mercy
of a god or goddess
and to buy a idol statue
or to cooperate in a
priestly service to one of
the gods or goddesses.

As the first step is
to be and to get devoted
to a choice of god made by
the heart or soul.

As to choose a godhead or goddess
each living being in reality
has a form and name.

As they have name and form,
both are allowed as source
of devotion.

As the form is sculptured
by artisans, and the name
is used in priestly services
both can be the source of

As the question if the form
is alike the real or the source
of grace.

Mostly the art and names from
artisans or priests having devotion
theirselves is regarded as true.

Sometimes a Godhead or Goddes
demands a certain devotion to
give right of prayer or mercy,

Some demand to have a mantra or yantra
some demand a statue of the god or goddess
each God is different.

To study which article grants
the mercy and protection,
both by grace and by prayer
is a blessing already.


The next step revealed

As the road to Brahman is both clouded by
the diversion of light

As well its clouded by the wishes giving
every living being the cause of action.

As the road to Brahman is hidden by
the use of thoughts and minds.

As the road to Brahman is a long road
but yet every step reveals the next step.

As the road to Brahman is discovered
by all the adepts choosing to endorse
this goal.

The purpose of Brahman being found by
the heart and soul.

As the web of the spider, the small
vibration of an insect gives the spider
the knowledge of food.

As the fish using sonar and finding
a good place for treasury.

As the ape finding a mate in the rainforest
and hopping from tree to tree.

As Brahman immediately knows when
an adept chooses his path.

As Brahman from the first step to the last
gives the next step in the heart of this

As Brahman being the goal of the wise
is reached by those with sincere effort.

As at Brahman not any step is missing
not any step is lost.

Brahman giving all beings abjecting
their minds and thoughts their task
in the middle of the heart.

As Brahman can grant a path through
the forest of Creation as non-predictable
and as not seen by the steps of both
future and past.

As Brahman the supreme reality
is found by full surrender to reality

As Brahman the supreme reality
is found by full unity with reality.

As Brahman is found by
the threefold Karma, Bhakti and Jnana.
As the deed of compassion to
surrender to goodness as guide.

Brahman by the use of prayer, meditation
and good deeds.

As Brahman the supreme reality
can lead an adept through many roads
as even other religion can be part of the path

As the proverb;

one whose source is god
speaks to god

One whose source is Brahman
speaks to Brahman


The use of the Gods as names

As we know prayer to speak about wishes feelings
needs and all the daily things.

As we know prayer to adress a god or goddess
with all words we know.

As prayer adressed to a God or Godess reliefs
us from both suffer, pain, deficit and
the feeling of failing at life or at a situation.

As prayer is adressed to a God
and a God in christianity is towards the Lord Allmighty
and in hinduism one of the marks of the ultimate God.

As to speak the name of a god is already
a prayer as always a description of what is meant
is seen or heard by the god even without
speaking it.

As to meditate is the name of a God and use it
to repetitive say or think it.
And as all cases of suffer or deficit come into
mind or into heart one places the name of a God
above it by speaking it.

As meditation is to speak repetitive the name
of a god or goddess, and it covers all
wishes feelings and complaints one is in deep prayer
as one beliefs the name of the God
as being a mantra by speaking or thinking it
adresses the attention of that god or goddess.

By meditation one learns the mantra as being
taught by a guru, teacher or spokesperson
of religion and by using it in daily fashion
solves all problems and issues of personal life

As the mantra being repeated and be used
as the most shortest form of prayer
one is having a connection through
this mantra with the godhead of choice.

As a mantra can be the name of a god
but a phrase as well, as inviting
the mercy of a goddess by describing
her form, her action or her name.

Meditation being the core of hinduism
and as a form of prayer invites the
mercy more and more in personal life.

as each Godhead or goddess chooses theirselves
how to give their mercy to an adept
or attendee.

Meditation being the ritual of repetition
and as prayer in a standardized way.

As the Isa-upanishad teaches us
the cover everything with the name
of the Holy Lord. being
both prayer and meditation

About the life-ordeal

Platonic relationship

The gods and godesses as lifepartner

As in Hinduism they say devotion decides
where to lead the next life. and the bond of
gods are kept safe untill the far future.

As the bond with a God supercedes birth and death
and gives the next life the introduction of
that God in the youth.

As to have a God or Goddess as a role to
speak to live by.

Some say Krishna is my love as being a female

Others say the female Goddess Sarasvati or Gayatri
is regarded as my life partner.

As hindu gods regard devotion in many visibly
ways to be legitimate.

As to regard a God as a life partner
opens the way for exchanging both love
and devotion.

Giving meditation or work to the god
and receiving priceless gifts by
the long hand of the God.

As he grants safety and a life purpose
and as he confirms the relationship
by the education and the wish brought in prayer.

As Brahman is not personal, but yet a
person adept can speak to Him.

As to have a relationship is
visible as the adept has no
relationship with another lady or man.

It is a platonic relationship because
its not containing sexuality or intimicy.

Prayers by Hindu devotion

To speak and to pray

As in hinduism prayer is a vital way or method
to have a bond with a god or godess.

As in hinduism one has the chance when turning
towards goodness or to search a way of life
to ask a god or goddess for mercy.

As to start praying in hinduism can be on
any moment without prerequisites.

As to start being devoted to a god or godhead,
mostly is available on any moment in life.

As to ask for mercy, for salvation,
for their protection or their faith.

All questions that arise for starting
a life of religious actions are valid.

As the gods in hinduism promise that
when one attends them, they attend the one.

As the prayers in hinduism are not depending
on sin, on crime, or other missers.
As the gods in hinduism start their own
actions whenever they like.

As the example of the stotra where
one asks vishnu saying the daily burden
is heavy, and the life was not by goodness
but yet on that moment seeking his support.

As the example of the stortra,
one was being the enemy of large powers
and Durga was asked to protect that one.
As the prayer of protection is a vital one.
And the prayer for mercy is a vital one as well.

And in hinduism the prayers of
salvation and surrender are found
in more than ten books with different
gods and godesses as name to use.

Oh Brahma grant me a good and prosperous life.

Oh Krishna protect me and grant me safety.

Oh Vishnu lead me to goodness and wisdom.

Oh Ganesha grant me wealth and prosperity

Oh Rama support my life and lead me to reality.

Oh Durga win the battle for me.

Oh Shiva take my position to safety.

Oh God and Goddess take me in your protection and mercy.

Oh Vishnu i surrender to you.

Oh Gayatri teach me te veda's and law.

Oh Sarasvati give me education and teach me insights.

Oh Allmighty One, i surrender to you.

Oh Brahman, i surrender to you.

Oh Laksmi grant me wealth.

As prayers these are to be prayed always
and the gods surely hear and confirm them.

As in hinduism all devoted adepts have there
own favourite god or goddess to praye to as
they all are legitimate and valid.

As in Hinduism the gods are all befriended
therefore adressing more than one god in prayer
is allowed and seen as sign of devotion

Prayers to Brahma the Creator
Brahma Stotra

Param Atman Supreme soul

We share the soul in all

We know all hindu gods and goddesses to be endowed with
a special function. Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the sustaines
and Durga the warrior.

As Brahman is above and not being an entity or person.
As Brahman depicts the Supreme Reality

As they tell all gods originate from Him.
And all existence is below his esteemed abode

As to say the gods has consciousness theirselves
and by consciousnes bound to be god, goddess or person.

Krishna is highest personal God,
as well Vishnu has no human body but
is still adressable as god or person.

As all gods and godesses share a soul,
having a soul of theirselves.
They are by soul called to have an atman.

The atman as the soul in sanskrit language.
As above all atman is the param atman.
param meaning the highest or supreme and
atman the soul in all living beings.

All the gods are bound to the Param Atman
and by this equality and essence the same soul
is in them all.

As we as humans have a soul or atman too,
and by the param atman share the mercy
of even the supreme soul, or highest soul.

As on all sections of life and reality
their is a highest entity.
And Brahman as supreme reality
Param Atman as supreme soul
Brahma as supreme Creator,
And all share the theory of being connected
or bound to or with a highest One.

Threefold Yoga

By Threefold yoga one attains Brahman

As we all ponder in the heart which power
do i belong to, or which one do i want to belong to.

As we all have a source to either ask or follow
To attain a goal or purpose of our liking.

As the proverb, those we pray or talk to
is our source of action and we belong to.

In india they have the threefold yoga

Karma yoga to by good and heroic deeds
the costprice by action.

Jnana yoga by becoming one with reality
and therefore abjecting all thoughts

And bhakti yoga the ongoing conversation
with the godhead getting a bond of unity with it.

As only threefold yoga reaches Brahman
the supreme reality.

For one is unified by awareness with reality
For one is unified in action by good deeds.
For one is unified by relationship with Brahman
by speech.

As on the path all difficulties appear,
and only a pure soul or honest man can
attain the supreme abode of Brahman.

As Bhakti yoga is by speech and prayer
to get a relationship, untill reaching
Brahman one receives the name of a Godhead
or Goddess to be subject of prayer.

As karma yoga is without self-interest
the adept or attendee chooses himself or herself
the purpose of it, being poverty, infirmities
diseases or any kind.

The mountain to be climbed

The road to be at heaven's port

Climbing the mountain to reach my purpose
To vision the goal and wishes for the eternal fame.

I arranged my crew and bought the food
i planned the trip far ahead a thousand years ago.

For my mountainclimb would be the purpose
of stars far above, reaching heaven.

I started to climb and saw many herbs
and flowers, just as no citizen has seen.

I climbed the mountain,
flowers and herbs nevr touched by
human hand, and me the first to see.

I climbed the mountain,
i saw trees of everlasting beauty,
and the green leaves never fading color.

I climbed the mountain,
my crew asked for food and the rations
were split, and divided in portions.

I climbed the mountain,
and i saw above the trees the
rocksolid of a life filled with grace,
As above the trees the air was cool
and the air was fresh.

I climbed the mountain,
and above the trees stepped on
the rocksolid, as the stars
at confirmation of status feels
they are on solid ground.

I climbed the mountain
and the crew asked for water
as the thirst the only reason
to drink. the sages and their message.

I climbed the mountain,
and i saw above the rocksolid a layer
of emerald green. As the vision
never seen until one reaches this step.

I climbed the mountain,
and the emeralds blinked in
pure air, without clouds,
and as an expensive collar
on a ladies neck.

I climbed the mountain,
and the emeralds turned to blue
sapohmre, and diamond and unknown
stones only seen at this step.

I climbed the mountain,
and my crew was with greed,
they lost their rations
and put in the diamonds and stones
of high value.

I climbed the mountain,
and saw above the diamonds
blinking an unusual glance
Pure gold or even more precious.

I climbed the mountain and the
sun and solar orb showed me
gold at many coins and nuggets.
And to be in greed would fall
for the last step of climbing

I climbed the mountain,
and reached out for a the purpose
of all times, the unity to be on top
looking down.

I climbed the mountain,
all wishes vanished to be just one
being united at the top.
and never walking down.

As water was at mountain
a ration ever replenishing,
and food as ration was even
more tasting than the diamonds looked.

A climb on a mountain as
to find a goal, everlasting
beauty in the spring fountain
of youth.

Everlasting wisdom at the
ohmlosophers stone.

Everlasting gold
at the alchemist goal

At the top of the mountain,
one reaches for the goal
of sages, ever living in heaven
till the next morning of eons
give them a new birth
a reason to climb again.

Selection of Gayatri's

Sacred prayers for asking radiance and guidance

As is said by the sages of old times the gayatri
is the mantra most common and most usuable
as its powerfull as it consists of the name
of the godhead or power and the two characteristics
and then ends the mantra with asking the direct
influence of the godhead or power.

As to choose a gayatri of the choosen
godhead, power or subject of wishes
The supreme gayatri is expressing the
radiance of the Creator,
and names the god savitar or savriti
who is spiritual light

A good second gayatri is the
one of Narayana or Vishnu
for wellbeing protection and goodness.

The following are some in sanskrit,
literation and the wordmeaning
the link to the pdf consists
of all sanskrit versions.

Following examples:
ॐ भूर्भुवस्वः ।
तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यं ।
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि ।
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Vareniyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat.

Om, Almighty Supreme Sun and Spiritual source
Impel us with your divine brilliance
So that we may attain a noble understanding of Reality.

As well Gayatri grant me your mercy

Om Mahadevyaicha Vidhmahe
Vishnu Pathniyaicha Dheemahe
Thanno Lakshmi Prachodayath.

Om, Let me meditate on the greatest goddess,
Oh, wife of Lord Vishnu, give me higher understanding,
And let Goddess Lakshmi illuminate my soul.

As well Laksmi grant me your mercy

Om Narayanaya Vidhmahe
Vasudevaya Dheemahe
Thanno Vishnu Prachodayath.

Om, Let me meditate on Lord Narayana,
Oh, Lord Vasudeva, give me higher understanding,
And let Lord Vishnu illuminate my soul.

As well Vishnu grant me your mercy

Om Govindaya Vidhmahe
Gopi Vallabhaya Dheemahe
Thanno Krishna Prachodayath.

Om, Let me meditate on the god who takes care of all beings,
Oh, darling of all gopis, give me higher understanding,
And let God Krishna illuminate my soul.

As well Govinda grant me your mercy

The sanskrit version of all gayatri's
as a portabel document usuable for printing

PDF to Gayatri's
One Page of Gayatri

Krishna Govinda as Shepherd

His Grace Guidance and Support

As Krishna the most welknown godhead of hinduism
As he grants his mercy to all who long for,
and who can read or hear about the Bagvad Gita.

As this Bagvat Gita is the song of the lord
written by an author knowing all the
parts of religion of his time and place

The tradition that cows are sacred and
may not be wounded, killed or damaged
as this would give a curse.

The tradition that the female shepherds
were in love of Krishna as the most attractive

As Krishna is a godhead, with the blue color
and the flute who everyone heard when he passed by.

As this religious part of Hinduism is also
the use of taking Krishna as Shepherd.

As taking Krishna as shepherd grants him
to make you one of the gods yourself
as 330 billion saints live in the body
of the sacred cow.

As well to take Him as shepherd
can also be to surrender to Him.
Receiving his Guidance and Grace.
As this surrender is a prayer
to whisper to pray for.

As one can say,
as a human you cannot be property,
as constitution forbids,
and humans as property cannot as
they are part of earthly life
and consist of cells.

Thereby the use of religion
would be difficult.
Therefore to acquire or appoint
a godhead as Shepherd,
is a legal choice to have devotion.

As a shepherd does not ask
a contract of property,
and by the use of religion
and its abstract means,
can give mercy in a spiritual

To have Krisha Govinda as Shepherd
to ask Please Krishna be my shepherd.
as a prayer.

To receive his protection,
as to be part of his mercy.

Tri Shakti

Three symbols of mercy

In Hinduism the trishakti is a combined symbol
known for having both mercy and protection.

The first and most important is the
ohm symbol. Aum, Ohm or any other use
of mantra.

This symbol of Ohm expresses the
unity with the Creator,
and is used in all mantra's
By this symbol all mantra's receive their
holy prayer power.

As mantra's are sanskrit and express
a meaning as a question or phrase to a

As sanskrit is a language holy
because of the expression to gods.

This Ohm symbol is the protection
and mercy of the Creator to the Soul.

The soul receives mercy by this symbol.

The second symbol is the svastik,
a symbol in Hinduism,
meaning happiness or a kind
of spiritual line for all suffering.

Some tell this symbol is the
purpose of the mind or spirit.
as this symbol is an ancient symbol
in Hinduism.

All uses outside Hinduism
are not legitimate and therefore abjected.

The third symbol is the trishul
or the trident of Shiva,
giving in reality the grace of Shiva
as a boundary for all suffering hardship
or problems.

This third symbol is unclear if one
receives the gift to pray to Shiva for all
hardship, or it works not visible as the
onetime prayer for protection valid
for life.

This trishakti is a three in one symbol
for mercy and protection.

All Hindu's being part either by ancestors
by ritual or other means
have the right to use symbols for protection
or mercy.

As the explicit note is that without
right by initiation or legitimate hinduism
the symbols can give a curse.

As this tri-shakti can be bought
at a Brahmin priest service if
combined with a Shop.
The question of non intitiaion
can be adressed to them too.

Body instrument

We loan our body as instrument of the Earth.

At birth we receive a body as instrument
for our life and living.

As this body as instrument for the soul,
is educated in youth, and has a job or living
in adult life.

And this body is part of both relationship
and all kinds of wishes and purposes in life.

As this body is a loan of mother Earth,
and not our property we are obliged to
treat her well.

As the body as instrument is capable
of living a hundred years.
To have a relationship and nurture children.

As we have the body as instrument,
at our death she is given back to earth.

As when we would behave badly,
the Creator would next life not give such an expensive
instrument, but less intelligent, less longer lifespan
and with less happiness.

As we would behave good,
we would receive next life an instrument
larger lifespan example five hundred years.
Less diseases and better regenerative powers.

As we loan our body, and at death give it back
as its not property, we at death do not loose
any property.

And as its a gift of Earth,
the body itself does not have any need
to reach a spiritual goal,
or to reach salvation.

As mother Earth as a planet is large
and the body getting back in Earth
is not any loss for Earth as all
and everything on earth is her wholeness
and property.

As the Creator grants us a life,
and loans us a body through earth,
we each life have the quest to reach
the religious purpose.

Codex Brahmana

Written kind of wisdom

The full extent of all wisdom i have written
and put in books or websites is called a codex.

As by time one grows in faith and devotion
and learns to trust the gods for their mercy

As this mercy of the gods is both for
yourself or myself as being a feeling
of happiness with the things you do.

As this mercy is for the world being
the books and texts to have written
as these can have meaning for other people.

As the gods grant out of their high order
and their golden hands the mercy they grant.

As some religions choose a virtue to give
to their adepts other grant a feeling
of happiness with a goal of human life
being adressed by them.

As the gods, and goddesses are known
in the religions and share their mercy
by their written scriptures
to take on by the adept.

As the gods share their vast power
to ensure the adepts to have a fruitfull life.

Therefore growing by being devoted
from the name of the Lord
into the Supreme Reality
being a source to be esteemed by the adept.

Therefore as Brahman as the source found most recent
is called the source of the codex,
for all devotion grew into reaching Him.

As Brahman highest and supreme reality
is without name and form,
and is the anchor of my reality
regarding Him as highest.

This codex last source is Brahman
and prayer to Brahman,
therefore the whole codex is
called Brahmana codex.

May this Brahmana codex
as the name of the collection
of my books and websites
be a good source for all who
seek and find my so called
web abode, my abode of writing
about wisdom.

As all religions have reason
of existence, i give word to
their sources as well.

As all religions adress their
followers i give word to
my experiences.

This Brahmana codex,
as full source Brahman
is the name i give
for the collection
as might be in the far future
as my wish to have it
as in existence for longtimes.

The vedda tribe

Tribes of far past

As in hindustan as it was called a couple of centuries ago,
As in india as it is called today and nowadays.

As in hindustan the general religion is
hinduism, with the plural form of gods and godesses.

As in hindustan, before the modern times,
the use of technology was different
as it was medieval in a kind of fashion,
but had the security of a high social standard.

As Hindustan had the aryans, the dravidians,
and in times before a tribe of Vedda's

These tribes of Vedda's
in resemblance of the holy scriptures
the Veda's, were a writing of history
far before the history was written
as it was by speech.

These Vedda's as the source
of a tribe in india, and the use
of speech to tell about their
holy scriptures.

The Vedda's
a tribe in hindustan
before the written history,
the time before the fall down or vortex
of civilisation.

These Vedda's like the island of Atlantis
had a superior high classification
of technology and the civilisation.

Some features are ofcourse
as we see in this time.
the use of clean water,
the use of a law system,
the use of energy, their time being
not electric but an unknown kind of magnetic

A society made with social values
giving labor to those who wish to work,
to give relaxation to those having a
vacation short or long.

It was based on the personal consent,
without the need of labor duty, by
by volunteering.

They were not paid for work
by salary but by being part
of society, they could at stores
just get all they needed for free.

As the high social standard was
that no one was able to lie,
or to deceive, and when a quarrel
arise, they were talking things out,

As the high social standard,
all the people were only taking
they needed, or doing they were
seeing is important for them.

As these people all only had
one relationship, as appointed
by their parents, and they
held a full life.


Vimana source of galaxy

As the vimana's from far in the galaxy
they bring the veda's and the upanishads.

As the vimana's from far in the galaxy,
one was by visvakarma granted a golden one
with diamonds glinstering as beauty.

As the vimana's from far in the galaxy,
one was by visvakarma granted a castle
a palace large with luxery.

Visvakarma being the architect
of the hindu kingdom,
the hindu religion.

Visvakarma being the godly architect.
and from the veda time.
Indra the mighty God as Ksatriya caste.

Being Brahma from the Brahmin caste.

Being the source of the castesystem
with a meaning laying in the far past.

Not to condemn anyone but to keep a source
pure and untainted. As the brahmins
source of religious practice ever
have to keep pure.

As this vimana technology being
decoded by the use of prayer.

Seek one who can pray to Brahman,
oh devoted one, and ask to have the mercy
of the gods.

Seek one who can pray to Brahma,
taking the mantra:

Om sat chit ekam Brahma,

to unify both existence and intelligence
with this Creator of all times.

Seek one who can pray to Vishnu,
taking this Vishnu gayatri.

Om narayanaya vidmahe, vasudevaya dhimahi,
tanno vishnu prachodayat.

Seek one who can pray to the source
of all existence, as above life,
the Allmighty one.
with the gayatri meter:

Om bhur bhuvah svah, tat savitur varenyam,
bhargo devasya dhimahi, dhi you yonah prachodayat.

Seek one being devoted, willing
for a full surrender by prayer
by whispering, to grant the mercy of the gods.

Seek one being devoted, willing
for a prayer to get in service,
to work for this esteemed religious source.

Seek one who wishes to receive the
highest oath. the one of religion.
as the bond is with this source,
protected, with service and mercy.
The grace of high religions.


Studentship to reach the gods

As in hinduism there is a caste system
as also a system to discern between
the life of getting a life partner and children
and the adulthood of studying.

As grihasta is to marry and to beget children
and as the main obligation in life to raise them
and give them a good future.

As being married one is bound by the society
to the role of parenting as also the spiritual
guidance is through the use of a spiritual
organisation, with the protection by
visible teachers or guru's

As the other role is to have a life
of study.
As one says it stops at becoming adult
and to start a working life earning
a living.

As this other role is abstractly said
to be a student untill the end of life.
As the role of studying is by being
a student, and with the obligation
to study one cannot have a partner,
or befriended with the normal use in
a relationship to share intimicy.

As one is a student, in hinduism
called a Brahmachari,
one is promised that if one keeps pure
and dedicated at this role
one will reach the unity with the godhead.

As a brahmachari is a student,
and a name of being in education from
early youth,
once the step from the visible teacher is
made or trasnferred to the godly guru
being the godhead himself.

As the student progresses on the
path of studying
grades of mercy are being disclosed
giving the student higher classes.

As one for example first
is at the abode of Govinda,
after a couple of years
at the abode of Vishnu,
and thus having stages
through Brahma and Gayatri
as well.

As the goal of life of a brahmacari
is to reach the abode of Brahman
as supreme reality.

As Brahman is the ultimate goal
being the ground of reality,
but yet trancending it to
the name of being the highest reality.

As the brahmacari is the
eternal student untill reaching
the abodes of the gods,
giving them the guidance
of the learning process.

As to be a brahmacari,
is a path allowing no
intimicy of befriended

But yet every subject of prayer
including all feelings
may be by prayer given to the gods.

As a brahmacari,
one desevers and earns
mercy of the gods,
which may not be available to
others, and not visible
to others.
As they are with a relationship
bound to the use of an organisation
for their spiritual guidance.

Link to Stages of Bhakti Yoga in dutch

Brahman reveals

Studentship to reach the gods

As they say Brahman is without name and form
As all gods and goddesses are with name as
known by all adepts and religious active ones.

As the discern between a name, and the Brahman essence,
one says we call Brahman therefore he has a name.

As with all gods.
But as Brahman is the supreme reality
the unborn principle,
one says, Brahman has no name,
but by His own power called

As he is self-revealing,
without dependence of another god
or power.

Brahman has no name,
but revealed his title himself.

As Brahman has no form,
for its the substrate of reality.
as it trancends into the supreme reality
as the king of a country,
or as the goverment of a nation.

Brahman without name,
reveals Himself as His title
and without form,
is reached by the sincere devotion.

The Tree of Creation

The tree of upside down origin in Brahman

I was wandering through the existence of the universe.
As i saw worlds with life and life with obligations.

As i saw worlds with countries and nations
speaking all different languages.
able to commit trade and earn money.

As i saw worlds being bound by
the collective of a unified mind,
all with peace and like in communism
havign all their own function,
sharing the wealth of life
with all in the same manner.

As i saw worlds,
where all people and beings
were fighting for their life.
with large crime and faul play.

As i saw worlds,
being described in books,
as the authors saw paradise.

As i saw worlds where
countries of the blessed,
and the eternal hunting grounds,
became the blue haven
and the worlds of silver light.

As all worlds were bound by
tradition, culture, religion
and the total of all trancending
support of living.

As the total formed the universe.
as some ponder is heaven within
at another place.
is hell within the universe
on another spot.

but yet the unverse was bound
by the source and origin
of the Creating principle.
called the Creator.

As some religions describe
a tree upside down.

I saw the roots,
of all religions,
all with their source of
speaking writing and viewing.
As one root on earth was hinduism
with Krishna living a four thousand
years ago.

As another root on earth was Christianity
with Christ living two thousand years ago.

And as well these roots were with a
branch of many leaves, as one
depicts one human with faith.

As all these roots on earth
were as an organism with a
specific function in
the whole of Creation.

As all religions serve
as their roots and have
their leaves granting them
life, a function and a level
of happiness.

I saw a tree upside down,
and wondered,
how this tree is existing
as its source is in the stable
realm of the Omnipotence.
The ground of Creation.

May all roots and all
brances in the universe
lead all beings to goodness,
reality and happiness.

Godly names

Names of gods and goddesses

As in hinduism the goddesses are called devi
and the gods are called deva.

As Brahma, Shiva, Krishna, Rama and others
all are with suffix a

As Sarasvati, Laksmi and parvati are with
suffix i,

As a depicts male gods,
and i depicts female goddesses.

As Vishnu the only difference,
together with Ambika.

You should expect Vishna
as it would be from the same
linguistic origin.

As in indonesia,
the wajang art culture
says Wisna.
As they divert from hindu
type of writing.


Vishna a hindu goddess

As Brahma the Creator, gives
birth to all beings and all matter.

As Brahma the Creator, by
his own awareness in meditation
found the total code to
have the universe evolving.

As all being are intertwined,
like the wheels all let each
other turn.

As all beings are intertwined
with the feeling and sensation
of their life, their dailiy living
and their goal in life.

As Brahma the Creator,
Yet brings the Creation
as his property yet being

As Brahma is reached by those
students, who chooses to
give up all wealth, fame and offspring
as well a life-partner.

As Brahma is reached by
the students being his devotees.

As Brahma is reached
by the brahmacaris.
As they long for his Wisdom.

As Brahma brought forth
all Creation.

As Vishna the goddess
reaching the ultimate Goal.
As the unity with Brahma,
Yet trancended to
unity with Brahman.

As the Svetasvatara upanishad

Brahman is reached by
all sanyasins in sincerity.

As Vishna is the goddess,
reaching unity with Brahma,
and trancending to
the source without given name
without given form.

As the land of Vishnu is described
in the hindu mythology

as the land of Vishnu has a
garuda figure in the middle.

Honoring the ancestors

Respecting your forefathers and your lineage

Some parts on the world are with a different religion,
or tradition as its sometimes called

As these parts, are not reaching out for prayer
to a god goddess or angel,
they are giving their vow to their ancestors,

As the ancestors bless those who are in reverence to them.
As the ancestors with a similar kind as saints
can give prosperity when the offspring
put flowers at the spot, or other substances.

As the tradition of honoring your ancestors,
is a theme on the world not very different.

As the theory is that when people die,
from any cause and on any time
they reach the world or place of the ancestors.

As its in hinduism called pitri loka,
where the spirits have no real physical body
but yet endowed with a spirit and spirtual body

As these spirits can with hands unseen cause
prosperity for their offspring,
and can cause hardship if they forget
their lineage.

As honoring the ancestors, can give the
same blessing as coming near to a saint or angel
as the Creator left several paths on earth to
reach out for the life goal.

As ancestors, have lived, and when did and
completed their life task, or obligation
they are spirits who can help others
as they have seen all things during life
from hapiness to hardship.

As they say honoring the ancestors
can give a blessing.

As these spirits who have finished their life,
sometimes are in doubt themselves, as they
leave their body behind, and are not
able anymore to talk about.

As they can be frightened and feel
they might have missed part of life and its goal
and are in need for their wisdom to
be supported to give life its meaning
and to give a place in the lineage.

As when they have spirit bodies,
they still can be in prayer,
and in prayer as religions give
to all people and souls.

As these spirit bodies can influence
all life on earth, as they can bless

The idea in christianity is that
these spirit bodies, as the saints
are described in catholic church
can be part of devoted life

as some speak to the Lord as Christ
and its Father

As some speak to the Archangels
to ask their support

as some speak or ask saints
to be of support or guidance.

As when spirits loose their
physical body,
they still can visit places
of angels and saints
who educate them.

The education given
by saints or angels
is for them legitimate.
as they still can

These saints and angels
educating the ancestors,
when they want or are in need

As spirits therefore can
receive education at the spots
religions grant.

As the spirits longing for
a new life, can ask these religions
spots for the blessing of a good life.

May our ancestors be honored for
their tasks during life.

May our ancestors have peace
in heaven and their abodes.

May our ancestors be spoken
of in respect by us and our offspring.

May our ancestors be honored
for their bloodline.


Hindu essential functions

As in hinduism there is the trinity of the most important
functions of the High One or Supreme Brahman.

As in hinduism Brahma is the Creator,
which gives eveery person its instrument
en the ability to learn how to cope life

As life at adult age is always
for the soul the possible life
to fullfill wishes, to have education
and to learn about love and friendship.

As Brahma creates every human untill
eighteen, and then they start with full

As Saraswati, during this time educates
all children untill the age of eighteen.

As some societies grant time longer,
other grants time shorter.

As saraswati is leading the education
of every child, by their attendance
of school and study place,
as well their time at home.

As Brahma creates, saraswati educates.
The next phase is Vishnu
who attends for every person their
job, their carreer, and their time
being of benefit for society.

As jobs not neccesary has salary,
as not being based on a normal job.

As Vishnu leads for all beings
the time of work, of effort for society.

As Vishnu us the sustainer.

As the trinity holds Shiva,
He is not de demolisher
but in a kind the defender
for his adepts,

As Shiva by battle,
or by force defends the part
of Creation given to Him.

As seen that Shiva in a story
trains a soldier in its expertise.

As when Shiva would be the demolisher
it would be a sinfull function,
thereby its not the demolisher
but the defender, the soldier God
defending as with prayer to be adressed.

As Vishnu is the sustainer,
of the whole universe,
he is adressed for the myths
about all life in the universe.
as the veda's or the stories about
his incarnations describe.

Hindu grace and mercy

Hindu essential functions

As in hinduism they say
all mercy and grace has to be earned.

Either by positive karma,
or by a blessing of a sage.

As in Hinduism one of the paths
is by being born in a good familiy
and thereby earning all devotion.

As in Hinduism most people have
one god or goddess to appoint
their devotion.

As to pray to a godhead is
sometimes rare, and not granted much

As sometimes a mantra is used for
giving insight in life and to add
to its benefit or purpose.

As the devotion,
is leading to higher levels
as to receive gifts of gods
without prior message or chances

As devotion,
can lead to studying holy
scriptures and pondering
which meaning or explanation it has.

As sometimes after good devotion
a level is opened to extent life.

As for example studying the
isa upanishad opens the way
to prayer, as the same explanation
as covering all with the name of the Lord.

As the theory all religions are
part of a hierarchy of levels or religion.

As to be christian is not to be an
enemy of hinduism, circumround the same.

As Christ is omnipotence on earth,
hinduism tells gayatri is omnipotence
in the universe.

As when mercy is granted after devotion
after good karma or the blessing of a sage

new levels are opening their direction,
and the adept just has to accept it.

As to pray to the high lord,
after devotion is allowed to pray
to the high one. as from
Govinda to Vishnu.

As levels of prayer to Vishnu,
Brahma, Gayatri leading
to prayer to Brahman.

As they say in hinduism
people cannot lie about it
as the gods defend theirselves.

As thye say about angels
and other gods too.

As Brahman is a supreme one
and a god without name and form.

As to earn mercy is to attain its
blessing and to be educated in its meaning.

As hindu mercy has blessings in
manifold way.

From Mantra's to repeat,
to Yantra's as the seal of their gods.
As to shaligram stones
and Shankh conches which
evaporates the sound of the omkara.

As to the shiva lingam,
with its special power.

As all hindu mercy
is opened one discovers
all its meaning.

Divine Essence

Hindu essential functions

As in hinduism the highest entity
without name and form is Brahman.

As he calles himself the title
Brahman, because he has not been born

As everything being born
receives a name.

The title Brahman
is the Supreme reality
and the Supreme One.

As the divine essence,
its the level shared with
all religions.

the divine essence as
without name yet trancending all names
without form yet trancending form.

As the divine essence is
in hinduism the Brahman,
and the Supreme reality.

As in christian doctrine
he is the unspeakable name.

As the Lord in christianity
can be seen as without name too.

As sometimes called
The High one.

As the prayer to be whispered
three times is: Brahman thy will be done.

As in dutch it is:
Brahman Uw wil geschieddde

as another one :
Oh Brahman teach me
Brahman onderwijs mij

Types of Self-Sacrifice

Gods and the Essence

As the prayer of surrender to a godhead
or a goddess is always a prayer to be whispered or said.
As all gods when hearing the prayer, judge the person
and the soul. As some think the gods always accept someone.
But some gods are not easy to please and have
prerequisites they not always teach to the devoted adept.

As the gods decide whom to accept,
persons can adress the prayer to the god,
but there is no written confirmation that
they accept. But nonetheless prayer is a virtue.
And if some prayers are not accepted, some other do.

As even some gods do not even allow talking some prayers
as consecration or initiation is required

Surrendering to Shiva
Link to Shiva Stotra

Sanjasin order of Svetasvatara
Link to sage Svetasvatara Upanishad

About the prayer of surrender to Gayatri
Link to Gayatri Chalisa

Surrendering to Krishna, Govinda
Link to Pandava Gita
Link to Krishna stuthi
Link to Vasudeva Upanishad

About surrendering to Indra
Link to Indra Stuthi

About the prayer of surrender to Vishnu
Link to Vishnu Stuthi

As the act of surrendering to Brahma by prayer
Link to Brahma Stuthi

As the prayer to Ganesha about Salvation
Link to Prayer to Ganesha
Link tot Ganesha Stotra

As the prayer to Durga as surrendering
is found in this scripture.Durga Stotra
Link to Durga Stotra

As the source of the gopala tapaniya upanishad
from the Atharva Veda is about the surrendering
of life and soul to Govinda as the eternal godhead
and His avatara Krishna.

Link to Gopala Tapaniya upanishad

As the prayer of surrender to godess Ambika is
in the Ambikai Thuthi as the link below
Link to Ambika Thuthi

As the prayer of surrender to Narayani a goddess.
The link to the Narayani Stuthi:
Narayani Stuthi

About Shiva being both God and Shivaa being goddess
both of the universe, and the greatest medicine themselves.
Uma Maheswara

About a scripture regarding Shiva,
not named himself but as with Parvati
Swarna mala stuthi

As the rama bhujanga describes prayer to rama
as written by the sankaracharya adi
Rama Bhujanga

As the guideline for the self-sacrifice of one
to be in the hands of the godhead is the feeling
in the heart.

If one has the feeling that he or she wants to be in
the hands of the godhead, to be totally dependent
than that one is legit to bring the prayer by whisper
to surrender.

As most people when having that wish in their heart
they are ready for the step to surrender.

As the hindu gods all have their scriptures and
writings they are linked to this article
by their function of stotra, stuthi or gita.
and by those original books is described
the surrender to them by whichever means they
by prayer can be adressed.

As the hindu gods by theory lay their
wish for surrender in the hearts of those
longing to wish or to fullfill such a prayer.

as to be in the hands of the godhead,
by such prayer. as to i surrender to you
and the name of the godhead,
one accepts the mercy and the direct guidance
of that god, and he will surely inform
or teach about that step and the next phase in life.

As to be in the hands of god is a type of mercy
and faith, when someone receives this wish
in the heart its surely legitimate.

as its a step of full importance,
an important step, be sure to be serious
as the prayers to gods are by the gods
taken very serious as well.

As the step and prayer of surrender
is avaiable to all beings who exist.
as its both for those who understand
either by soul, by heart, or any means.
and the prayer is to the regarded godhead
therefore legit.

As to be legit to all beings,
they have their choice in their heart.
and their choice is towards the godhead.
as all gods trancend both life and death.

Life of devotion

Sacred name of Brahma

As for all living beings,
with humans and intelligent ones.

The youth and education is
filles with lessons,
and periods of learning

As Brahma brings the young ones to
adult ones, with both life experience
and the methods to live.

As at adult life the humans
reach the phase they can
endorse their goals,
fullfill wishes and live
their own lives.

As in yoth education
Brahma grows the individual
to adult as fully capable
of understanding life
Brahma known as the Creator
of the beginning and his Creation

And Sarasvati
supports by education
as well as art.

When a person reach
adult life they can
attend their goals and wishes
and eit1her a relationship
fame or wealth.

As when adult,
persons are transferred
to Vishnu or Laksmi
both the caretaker and
the wish for abundance.

When a person stays at
Brahma, he or she is
bound to Both Brahma and

As Brahma grants his sacred
name of All-Creator,
and Gayatri the Omnipotence.

As one has learned,
and grown to adult
being finishes with
the first phase.

Then staying at Brahma,
not wishing any goals
or wished except being at

Brahma as the All-Creator
takes over life, as wishes
either disappear or changed
by the All-Creator.

As gayatri the omnipotence
is the female part of the
All-Creator and Brahma.

one wishing to stay
in the house of Brahma,
and sacrificing goals and wishes
to have the bond with
the All-Creator.
and the support of the Omnipotence.

Prayers to Brahma the Creator
Brahma Stotra

Flags of Hindu mythology

Sacred name of Brahma

As in hinduism as a religion some
books or scriptures write about the
flags used in their kingdom.

As the gods and goddeses
tell about the symbol which a
country can have.

The flag of Vishnu
The flag with a symbol of Garuda
Scripture Flag Vishnu

The flag of Durga
The flag with a symbol of a peacock
Scripture Flag Durga

As other flags are described in the various Sahasra nama documents
in sanskrit and their english translation
as there no picture of it, its only described by its symbol

As Laksmi has a symbol of the sky or earth as her flag
As Jaganatha has the symbol of Nanda.
as the symbol of the flag of Shiva can be a tree or a bull
as the vishnu sahasra describes Garuda an eagle as symbol

The Cakra system

The serenity of being a soul

As in hinduism the system of cakra's
is a description of certain powers
the faculties of human existence.

As the highest order
those with heart and soul
as their awareness is always in reality.
they are called to be enlightened
or in self-realisation.

This is based in the seventh cakra
being the sahasrara.
As the life gives duality
pleasure and pain, as well
suffer and succes.

This sevent cakra gives
them the feeling of serenity
or peace which is based in
the consciousness or soul
as its not caused by medicine
or speech manners.

As the seventh cakra is the reward
for all those living with soul.

The sixt cakra is the level
of feeling intuition.
as it gives knowledge about
life and existence.

As every moment feeling the
knowledge about the surrounding
about life, self, existence.

As its a power given by the Creator
it is for all humans the power
that can grant lifegoal and purpose
as its the wisdom of the Creator.

As its in the midst of the Heart
it gives every moment in reality
its needed information.

As some sages said that
the seventh cakra when active
give the love of the godhead or
the gods and godesses known
in hinduism.

As this peace is a feeling
of love granted continuously
by the gods.
as a reward for living
in unity with the heart.

Hindu mercy

The serenity of being a soul
As all hindu powers, as named in language
gods. As they serve the divine principle or
the divine essence.

As Krishna has been human
and is called the highest person.
as he was king and still has
the spiritual leadership.

As Vishnu is a god has not
had a body and as god is
omniscient and has a willpower
not seen by anyone.

As Vishnu is the sustainer
of the universe all humans
with a job as they sustain
society are allowed to receive
his mercy, to pray to Him
and to have a bond or relationship
with Him.

As Laksmi is His consort,
all people in connection
to Vishnu receive the blessing
of prosperity as Laksmi promises.

As sarasvati is goddess of learning
She is for every child a mercy
to learn the right lessons
as some hindu teachers and writers
by her mercy write wisdom of any kind
as wisdom serves the child of three
unto the man or woman of ninety years.

As Brahma gives every person
growth into adult phase of twenty one.
after which self-responsible
attend and follow their own wishes.
whichever they have.

As Brahma is total pure
the children have their innocence
and are growing as their faults
are mostly forgiven by parents
as they do not bear full rights.

As Shiva is the protector against
evil and of the goodness
as the kind of spiritual warrior
he is also by prayer asked for support.

As parvati is shakti, as well Shiva is shakti
their power is by the ground of reality
as one can cannot tell its here, there or
the cause is pointed there.

As all hindu gods have the divine essence
and their attendants pray to them
they all share the general mercy
of life in whole and each day and subject

As when one keeps a pure heart in life
by not having mindactivity
they after the period of showing their
devotion are accepted by the goddess
of Gayatri. As she is the allmighty one
and in unity with reality one is connected
with this sacred power.

When devotion has showed in full
she grants her mercy and protection,
as the allmighty one carries the soul
giving it a kind of mercy to be holy.

As Gayatri is mother of the veda's
as the sacred gospel of wisdom
by which all humans stepping on
the path being filled with good intents
receive the mercy on their level
and personally to them.

As the gate to Brahman is through
devotion and all hindu gods
carry this gem of high worth

Holy Reality

The bond of the pure heart

As we alle share our experience of the reality
as she gives us sight and hearing, our body
as well our suffer and happiness.

As the sun gives us joy
and the night gives us sleep.

As the reality is everywhere
on earth in the universe and
all dimensions

We share the caretaker as Vishnu
in the universe,
and share the saviour Christ
as the mercy free of cost.

We share the layers on earth
as nations, countries,
language as work in hierarchies.

We share our duty as work,
and our joy of the loved ones.

We share our reward for our
work and honesty

and share our punishment
when we do something wrong.

As the reality has its ground
as we all share a body.

As the holy name of it
is the Brahman, the supreme reality

One sees Brahman as the top of reality
as the highest ranks in the universe.

As the other sees Brahman as
the substrate of reality

And another one says
its both the whole reality
in the universe and the ranks within
as all the gods are part of it
and their subjects as well mercy.

As the title Brahman is no name
as everywhere in the universe
receives his title in the languages used.

As we know Krishna teached about Brahman
and the Saviour Christ as the Father with unspeakable name.

As we all share this reality and
by accepting mercy take place in order.
as we receive duty as a normal workload.

As all say we have our mercy
and the god with the holy name
we serve is highest.

As all gods have their name
as the function they do
as their name comes from the
Holy Omnipotence as we read in the veda's

As in their function their name
is to pray to, to ask, to save us.

As Krishna in holy language is
the grand support, and Vishnu
is the grand sustainer

As the holy names are protected
by the divine essence being
the allmighty one.

As even those not serving gods
still part or reality
and its whole being the holy reality
as the highest ranks keep their order

As all gods and goddesses share
the holy essence and divine essence
as we show our devotion they shower
their mercy and grace.

As when one asks the highest prayer
to ask a life ordeal as it grants
either total mercy or punishment.

As one asks the highest mercy
to surrender as it accepts total mercy.

as one accepts religous mercy
and both protection, duty and wisdom.

As to surrender is to lay fate
as all self-property in the hands
of the holy name.
It gives both work, duty, spare time,
as well happiness and reward
as we start the relationship of prayer.

As the silent boy seeking the true love
and praying for a relationship and
growing to ask the divine essence as
the lifemate.

As the divine essence showers gifts
of precioous beauty, and showers
gifts of high wisdom and mercy,

As all prayers of mercy, grants the
gems of a large mine, and when one
finds, is very happy.

and above ground he does not sell them
but creates the larges museum of gems
as even the highest kings and queens
and presidents are filled with beauty
as their necklaces and rings do not
have equal beauty.

As those serve Brahman
teaches to take of avidya
as the free gift to humanity
as the bond with a goddess
a god is given by the reward of wisdom.

May we all serve the divine essence
and the Holy name.

As christians tell the Allmighty
and all religions have the title
given by their paraclete.

As christians say
the Lord is allmighty but not itself
but as a property.

As hindu's say
the goddess Gayatri is allmighty
and her husband above as Brahma the Creator
and the goddess Durga with the husband above
thereby power in service to the highest name.
as we have been teached.

As the Yoga according to the
holy upanishads teach us in the heart
and the soul by praying for education.

Sanyasin Orders of Brahman

As life's duty to earn religious mercy of immortality and bliss

As in the hindu religion
the monks have an order
to the teacher they serve.

As the upanishad are called
the teachings of holy teachers.

As the sanyasin order
does not attend grihasta caste
to have a relationship.
and have as monks the rules
and obligations according to their orde

as the svetasvatara order
according the upanishad is an
order to take the pursuit of

As the orders all have their
rules as one is to wander in life
and only accept food and clothing
without money and to stay not longer
than three days in a city or village.

The order of Svetasvatare attends
the rule to stay in the heart
and only use intuition as the
guide in life.

Both to reach lifegoal and religious goal.
as to accept the mercy the teacher keeps
being in the surrounding as they are in heaven.

As the order of Svetasvatara
works by the Yoga of Brahman
as all living beings are bound
by duty and work to both
pay life as costprice in higher sense
and by duty earn according by mercy
the heaven afterwards.

As the Yoga of Brahman
is to work for Brahman personally
as Brahman is the total of reality
as the holy name, being both order
in the highest reality and the
experience of reality with the soul

As when people work they earn
their reward, to spend with loved ones
and to fullfill their wishes

As the monkorder does work,
but the rewards are by daily sacrifice
given to Brahman and the gods.

As the Yoga of Brahman
promises the monks to reach
the religious goal,
even at reincarnation
and even at hardship.

As the Yoga rewards with
growing mercy,
as simple as asking prayers
of mercy for health, for the soul
for wisdom for sharing wisdom
as The holy Lord
rewards also with holy prayers
and gifts of holy seals and symbols.

As the ultimate goal of the Yoga
is to become immortal,
filled with bliss, and filled
with an existence of meaning
as we share with society and
they by their grace give the feeling
to be of profit for society.

This yoga of Brahman as taken
by the sanyasin order of the
Svetasvatara Upanishad
as ultimately surrender to Brahman
as he shows us every holy name.

As in the upanishad is taught
this observer is Brahman,
this Brahman is pure consciousness
about the atman and the soul.

And the body, the human
attains it lifegoal and of existence
by work, thereby the fire of Brahman Yoga
and as highest reward the bliss of immortality

As well the reward to attain the
will of Brahman as the reverenced angels
say is the best reward.

As when we attain the abode of Brahman
the wisdom of Brahman to expell nescience
is our daily duty
as we speak to society with books,
and speak to the living by
expounding the highest wisdom.

As when one attains Brahman
its both the lifegoal and the religious goal.

As all living beings have a birthname
as to expound their task.

As my name to attain the goal of the soul
as from the soulplanet

and the other name as teacher for giving
simple rules to attain peace of life and
add to peace for society.

as the surname to have a body
automaticly is fullfilled as life is.

As all tasks come from the holy name
bound to ours given at birth.

As when one has the birthname
and the forefather name
one is in the mercy of those
forefathers in heaven
as they in heaven are themselves
its their own wish when they intervene.

As some say the last step is not
done by yourself as when to
surrender to the Allmighty
He is taking over and the last step
is done by the ground of reality.

As Brahman as ultimate reality
is taking away the feeling
of agentship, the feeling
one attends their wishes and feeling
as the substrate of reality takes over.

As all high devoted are in fear of that
last step of surrender as the gods take over
and the insecurity of their holy will.

As all saints devoted in love and wisdom
desire the prayer of lifesordeal but yet
in fear of either reward or punishment
as even a full life filled of good deeds
gives the insecurity of the most seriour ordeal.

Entrance to the mercy of prosperity

Entrance to full mercy by art

As some people worldwide ask,
how can i have a simple method granting
me both the life goal and the spiritual goal.

As some say art is the highest and most powerfull form
to attain this special kind of guidance.

As some artists say above statues is
the holy name of the gods
and others say above the holy name
is their appearance in our homes temples and workplace.

As there is one type of mercy granting its
radiance when one gives a good place to its art.

As this piece of art is simple to print
to ask print stations to print as even
in black and white or on one paper already
does its work, as invisible as no one notices
but yet after a year some say i received chances
and others say after a year i feel more peacefull.

As this piece of art is according to the
scholars a mercy only based on geometry as
the symbol works like being given
by the ground or substrate of reality
as the reality everywhere exists
and no one says i am not in reality.

As this piece of art gives the
ground of reality the permission
to change life to a worthy one

Link to Sri yantra

Link to wikimedia commons
As this is called as art the sri yantra
as it has no sanskrit or holy name
it is allowed to use without
initiation or rituals.

As the mercy or radiance
or guidance as some say
does its work to place as
art in home, as example on the wall
as example as a standing exemplar.

As this Sri yantra gives
the creative power in reality
and on earth the permission
to give its chances of abundance,
happiness and wisdom to the person
and place were its placed.

As i have seen a documentary
about a millionaire saying the sri yantra
made him by using it as art
a millionaire after the artsymbol for
twenty years in his home.

As a deep insight for explanation
is this Tripura Tapini upanishad
for all scholars to read,

Tripura Tapini Upanishad

as it holds a hindu gospel
a description of the yantra
and the use of having the
religious goal, by ultimately
reaching the gods and their abode

As the abode is the symbol
of the peaece and happiness
in your own heart.

Be blessed by this sri yantra
as a link is provided
both on this article and
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Saguna Brahman and Nirguna Brahman

Saguna and Nirguna

As the high hindu lessons are about the difference between
the Saguna as Brahman with qualities.
And the nirguna as the holy reality as the
source of all gods and saints.

As the Brahman is expounded in the upanishads
as part of the veda's

As saguna has the qualities of Brahman
one says qualities as Allmigthy, most High.
and the hindu terms, Gayatri, Vishnu, Shiva
as they are the personification of Brahman
As nirguna Brahman lives in their hearts.

As saguna Brahman may be the subject of prayer
as they promise to answer and grants us an
answer in the line of their godhead or goddess
and as person in art creations.

As Vishnu depicted in art as a blue person
with his requisites and articels in his
hands. and a lotus or snakes beneath or behind Him.

As Gayatri is with a swan, and is the goddess
of wisdom, as she gave the veda's at
the beginning of creation.

As Gayatri shares the mark of the Allmighty
she has all the power to give devotees
the mercy of gods and goddesses
as well the mercy to attain the
abode of Brahman.

As Gayatri is the entrance
to higher levels as she accepts
those who by devotion are ready.

As Nirguna Brahman is the holy reality
and those living with their hearts are
aiming at that goal of unity with Nirguna Brahman.

As those in the persuit of Brahman
receive the mark of a Sanyasin order
as they according to their order
receive the mercy to attain it.

As some upanishads describe
how to attain Brahman
and as a Sanyasin a relationship
is with this divine essence.

As to be a sanyasin is a
monk order. as one can only
attend with the prerequisite
of never had a relationship.
as according to the hindu caste system.

As Saguna Brahman is to pray
to a godhead as subject.
and to receive the mercy by
a ritual or other kind,
compared to the baptism in christianity.

As Saguna Brahman as one
of the gods attend this mercy

And nirguna Brahman,
as the holy essence without
description of qualities.
as its above direct knowledge.

As when people still use their mind
they can have mercy of the gods,
as they described as part of saguna Brahman.

And those in unity with reality,
and based in their heart,
can aim for Nirguna Brahman,
as officially their karma grants the

As Nirguna Brahman is the Supreme reality
and Saguna Brahman is the Highest person
whichever god or goddess is choosen.

As one reaches personal Brahman by
the prayer of surrender

and the impersonal Brahman
by unity with the reality
as by an upanishad
expounded as the yoga of Brahman
and the feeling there is no agent
being the person who acts.

As all people with free will
have the feeling they act,
and by their action can choose
what to do,
either by feeling intuition
of based on activity of the mind.

As to reach Brahman persons have
to attain both Saguna as well Nirguna.
as neither can be excluded.

As to have surrendered to a godhead
or goddess like Gayatri,
one has the feeling that free will
is more in line with the will of the godhead
or goddess.

As when hardships appears in life
it can be a question of faith
to keep belieiving the mercy of
the religions and subject of prayer.

Attaining the mercy

The simple method of mercy

As in hinduism it is a requirement
that receiving mercy and confirming it
by acception that the question
to accept always has to be given from
someone in the circumference.

As this means always someone
who already has the mercy or
someone of the Brahmin-caste
as they have the legal right.

As when one wishes to receive a
mercy of special kind,
one has to search for someone
who has the mercy already
and is willing to give
or to accept students.

As in hinduism mercy
is to received with the condition
of karma and its effect of
a blessing by receiving
it by language, speech and
priestly writing.

As one seeks the holy books,
one has to study it.

The requirement without
caste-system or others
is to show for longer
time devotion.

As these simple rules
about the mercy of hindu

Goddess Uma her power

As they say goddess Uma is a person of Parvati
the wife of Shiva.

As Shiva is shakti and the power of reality
and his wife parvati is the female aspect.

As goddess Uma,
transponated Aum is part
of the creational power.

As sometimes a god or godess
want someone to attain mercy
without the use of words.

As then she points not to words
but to process in reality.

As Shiva is shakti and
Uma is shakti too.

As Uma is the Creative principle.

as some say the creative power of reality
others of the universe.

As she is the creative principle
to be part of is to have the mercy
of a life with meaning.

As when looking in the sky
and hundreds of birds in phase
as when looking in the water
and thousands of fish in phase.

As for humans more difficult
as they use words to learn
and when they find are as well
in the safe hands of this power.

So be in the creative principle
as without words confirmed
its the source of the energy.

As when one say gods fail
as their names are falsified

as when one says angels fail
as their power is minimized

as then they say the Creative Power
unlocks all gems and golds just
for the use of mercy to attain all.

So a kind of mercy is to say
i want to be part of the Creative power of reality and universe.


As someone asks how do angels feel their life.

As there are three parts,

the will, and its purpose

the wishes and its interest

and the intuition feeling layer.

As the will in humans is free will
to decide to do this,
to start a venture
tosay certain things
and to have a daily life
with all its parts.
even the choice what to
drink like tea or coffee.

the wishes in humans
are i want to buy a television
or i want a vacation
as all people know the place
and meaning of it.

As persons have intuition
and it gives information
aobut their social situation
and all the life and its worries.

As for humans these three parts
are very vivid, and located
in the heart and the soul.

As when the question if an angel
would have a human body
or a kind of function.

For an angel free will is formed
by gods will, they might feel the same
as free will, but instead of their interest
the will of god. or gods.

As an angel has also wishes,
but not his own wishes, but
gods wishes. as the same mannner
as a person feels his wishes.

As an angel has gods wishes
he can work to earn money
or do the work to achieve this wishes

As an angel has the wishes of
the godhead, its a middlelong term
of the gods will kind

as gods will is for the moment
and the work and attending life

as the wishes to have a goal and
to have themes above daily life

as the third the intuition
is the feeling of what others
do and their interest
about your own life
important issues
the whole life and all
its so called knowledge.

As for angels the intuition
gives information important
to be an angel and do the work
as they are in human conditions
they receive in the same manner
information about their reality.

The difference between an angel
and a human is an angel surrendered
to a godhead, or goddess.

As when angels get born their
life is already with the hardships
and stains of life, so the gods
have both the interest of their kingdom
and of the person.

As to have a job is to be secured
in salary and the gods can choose
how to reward.

As angels can appear everywhere
and are already with a daily duty
the gods add life to that current

As angels are not depending on gender
on any requisite as to surrender
is already a condition.

So say i surrender to a godhead of choice.

as the promise those three parts are
being visible in life for the person
himself or herself.

As on my account people may
use the prayer to surrender to a godhead
or goddess as the religions named
in generic constitutions.

As the godheads decide to accept someone
its their decision how to handle a prayer

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